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Chinese army develop first-person shooter game with U.S. troops as the enemy

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The Chinese army have developed a computer game that sees their troops shooting at ‘enemy’ U.S. forces.

Glorious Revolution, which is used as a training tool for People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers, pits the Chinese army against the U.S. military in a ‘Call of Duty’ style first person shooter.

In a video report, Chinese soldiers can be seen storming buildings and shooting at ‘enemy’ troops as they exit a bunker, before destroying an Apache helicopter gunship.

Training: Chinese troops hone their skills on the Glorious Revolution computer game

A Chinese state media video report shows rows of PLA soldiers hunkered over computer screens as they play through missions of Glorious Revolution.

The use of computer games by governments and international organisations to train their people has become more widespread in recent years.

The game is similar to the U.S. army’s very own shooter, America’s Army, which is used as a recruitment tool.

In the same vein, the Pentagon has developed its own ‘thinking’ first person simulators that deliberately overload commanders with information to see how they cope.

NATO also has its own game for negotiating with maritime pirates and even Hezbollah created a game called Special Force 2.

The news comes as it emerged the U.S. military are considering sending officers and cadets to China on study exchange programs.

Admiral Patrick Walsh said Washington is seeking to improve its relationship with the Chinese military, and an officer exchange program would provide a better understanding of Chinese culture, goals and thoughts.

‘There’s a strong effort here to improve the relationship,’ Adm. Walsh said on the sidelines of a global naval conference in Singapore.’

Shot: One scene depicts an Apache helicopter ship being blown out of the sky

Shot: One scene depicts an Apache helicopter ship being blown out of the sky

Troops: Chinese forces are seen here battling U.S. forces

Troops: Chinese forces are seen here battling U.S. forces

Despite this being the PLA’s first publicised foray into the world of first person shooters, reviews of the Chinese game have been broadly positive.

According to Wired magazine, one blogger who saw the game wrote: ‘The game itself looks pretty well-made.

‘Graphics definitely on par with at least the [Call of Duty] series.’

Despite the virtual nature of the game, one Chinese website warned the political and propaganda overtones it embodies could be damaging to trainees.

They wrote: ‘The game content and the values ​​embodied in military thinking … are very different.

‘Long-term use is not conducive to military education and training, and may even mislead officers and men.’

The game comes as President Barack Obama and U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates have been been in talks to help restore military-to-military relations between the two countries.

Early last year, China angrily cut off most of those contacts after the United States announced a $6.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan, the self-governing island that China considers a renegade province.

China has also expressed a desire for warmer military ties, most recently when the chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army, General Chen Bingde, visited Washington this week.

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China no threat, Chinese general says on U.S. trip

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A top Chinese general rejected growing American concerns about China’s military buildup Wednesday, telling audiences at the National Defense University and the Pentagon that the People’s Liberation Army was no threat.

“The world has no need to worry, let alone fear … China’s growth,” said General Chen Bingde, chief of the PLA general staff, in a rare address to a packed room of U.S. military officers and faculty at the National Defense University.

But the reassurances by Chen during a high-profile visit to the United States were also accompanied by fresh warnings against any future U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, which underscored the fragile nature of the relationship.

As members of Congress press for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, which Beijing sees as a renegade province, Chen warned that new U.S. weapons sales to the self-ruled island would damage military ties.

“As to how bad the impact will be, it will depend on the nature of the weapons sold to Taiwan,” Chen told a Pentagon media briefing.

With an occasional smile, Chen quoted U.S. presidents including Abraham Lincoln to drive home his points. He turned to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous quote “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” trying to allay concerns about China.

Military ties are perhaps the weakest link in relations between the world’s two largest economies — which have also been tested in the past year by disputes over trade, currency, North Korea and human rights.

Chen is the highest ranking official to lead a military delegation to the United States since Beijing cut off ties to the United States in 2010 over a U.S. arms sale to Taiwan worth up to $6.4 billion.

Those ties appeared to gain new footing during Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ January trip to Beijing, even though it was overshadowed by a test flight of China’s J-20 stealth fighter that again stoked concerns about its military buildup.

China also plans to develop aircraft carriers, anti-ship ballistic missiles and other advanced systems which have alarmed the Asian powers and the United States, the dominant power in the Pacific. U.S. officials accuse Beijing of designing their weapons system to counter U.S. capabilities.


Chen played down Chinese military advances on his trip, telling the audience of U.S. military officers and faculty at the National Defense University the People’s Liberation Army lagged at least 20 years behind developed Western nations.

“To be honest, I feel very sad after visiting (the United States), because I think, I feel and I know, how poor our equipments are and how underdeveloped we remain,” Chen said.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chen’s host, stressed the importance of renewed dialogue to minimize the risk of misunderstanding.

“What he and I have both talked about is a future that is a peaceful future and a better one for our children and grandchildren. That does not include a conflict between China and the United States,” Mullen told reporters.

But some members of Congress criticized the U.S. military for too openly engaging with Chen and his delegation, particularly his access to U.S. military facilities. Chen will visit Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, home to some high-tech U.S. defenses.

“There can be no doubt that every scrap of information this expert delegation collects will be used against us,” said Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a statement.

“The Chinese military openly regards the United States as an enemy,” she said. “We should not undermine our own security by thinking we can make friends with self-proclaimed adversaries with hospitality and open arms.”

Still, the Chinese and U.S. economies, Chen noted, are inextricably linked. China has the world’s biggest foreign exchange reserve, with about two-thirds estimated to be held in dollars. Jokes about U.S. dependence on China to finance its debt are commonplace in the United States, and Chen appeared to seize the opportunity in Washington.

Talking about fiscal constraints on China’s military, Chen got a long round of laughter from his U.S. audience by joking: “If you can lend us some money, I think that would be easier.”

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Young soldier hangs himself after seeing five comrades killed in Afghanistan

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A traumatised young soldier who saw five of his comrades die in action killed himself after becoming unable to cope with the loss, his friends have claimed.

The body of Rifleman Allan Arnold was discovered by dog walkers on May 2 just hours after he had been out socialising with civilian friends while on leave.

The 20-year-old, from the 2nd Battalion The Rifles, was found hanged in a copse.

Traumatised: Rifleman Allan Arnold, 20, could not cope with the deaths of his fellow troops, it has been claimed

Traumatised: Rifleman Allan Arnold, 20, could not cope with the deaths of his fellow troops, it has been claimed.

Deadly: Seven members from the same regiment were killed in a seven-month period in Afghanistan

Deadly: Seven members from the same regiment were killed in a seven-month period in Afghanistan.

Close friend Andy Higgins, who had known Rifleman Arnold for six years, said he was unable to cope with losing so many close members of his regiment in Afghanistan.

In July 2009 Corporal Jonathan Horne and Riflemen William Aldridge, James Backhouse, Joseph Murphy and Daniel Simpson – of 2 Rifles – were all killed in a roadside IED blast in the Sangin region.

The regiment had still been reeling from the death of Rfn Adrian Sheldon, who died in action in May 2009. And a seventh member of the regiment – Rfn Phillip Allen from 2 Rifles – was also killed in Afghanistan later that year in November.

Mr Higgins said: ‘I think about five of his troop were killed in Afghanistan and he couldn’t cope. I hope his family have lots of support – I can’t imagine what they’re going through.  ‘It’s so tragic and just a massive shock.

Tragic: Corporal Jonathan Horne was among those killed by an IED in Sangin region

Rfn Arnold, from Cirencester, Gloucesterhsire, had been due to rejoin his battalion, based in Ballykinler, Northern Ireland, for another tour of Afghanistan.

Now close friends and family of the popular soldier have flooded the spot where he died, in the City Bank Road area of Cirencester, with flowers and loving letters.

Police are not treating his death as suspicious.

Killed: When Rifleman James Backhouse died in July 2009, the regiment was reeling from the death of another comrade two months earlierKilled: When Rifleman Joseph Murphy died in July 2009, the regiment was reeling from the death of another comrade two months earlier

Killed: When Riflemen James Backhouse (left) and Joseph Murphy (right) died, the regiment was already reeling from the death of another comrade two months earlier

Rfn Arnold’s heartbroken fiancée Shenice Knight wrote: ‘I’ve done nothing but think about you every day, looking back at the times we shared.

‘You were my first love and I hoped it would be the last. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.’

Another card read: ‘I will miss you bud, your smile, your laugh. Loved you like my own.’

Friend Billy Webb, 24, added: ‘Whenever I saw him he was always such a nice guy.

‘It’s so tragic after what he went through in Afghanistan and he was so young.’

Dead: Rifleman Daniel Simpson was also killed in the roadside explosion

More than 500 people also left tributes and pictures of Rfn Arnold  on Facebook – calling him an ‘amazing soldier’ and ‘amazing son’.

His sister Shelby Arnold wrote: ‘The tears I shed are sad, but the smiles you put on my face I will never forget. You’re always with me in my heart.

‘The life you lived as my brother who I looked up to, a role model who also dedicated their life protecting our country, you were an amazing brother, an amazing son to our mother and an amazing soldier.’

Close friend Louise Townsend added: ‘I wish you would have spoken to someone ’cause there is so many people that care for you. You were an amazing best friend and I won’t ever stop thinking about you.’

Daniel Kelly added: ‘Love you brother just wish you had talked. RIP buddy will see you again one day love and God bless your family at this sad sad time.’

Rfn Arnold’s funeral was held on May 12.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said an officer would provide the young soldier’s family with support and advice.

He would not comment further until after an inquest but added: ‘Our thoughts are with them at this sad and difficult time.’

Cheltenham Coroner’s Court confirmed an inquest into the death was opened and adjourned on May 10.

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