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Completely Automatic Robot Jet Fighter Passes Further Tests

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The X-47B looks exactly the same as the B-2 stealth bomber but there is one major difference, it is totally automated. The X-47B is the US Navy’s newest UAV and it’s the very first robotic fighter to exist.

Robotic predator and Reaper drones that are currently in Iraq and Afghanistan are controlled by pilots on the ground but this aircraft is fully automated and actually flies itself from A to B dith no intervention.

It first flew on February 4, 2011. The tests that have recently been carried out on the robustness of the jet make the aircraft one step closer to it actually landing on an aircraft carrier which is scheduled for 2013.

It is difficult to detect by radar because it has no tail fin. With a ceiling of 40,000 feet and a 4500 lb weapon load capacity with supersonic speeds and 2100 nautical mile range it will be THE future weapon.

The X-47B will be joining 7000 UAVs and 2000 ground robots that are already on battlefields around the world. This is one step closer to a fully automated battlefield. In the future this could include all elements of a nation’s military force including soldiers that don’t get tired and can continually fight. This may mean that war is pursued continuously but let’s just hope that the hackers of the world aren’t quite up to the task of hacking automated weapons.

Via Completely Automatic Robot Jet Fighter Passes Further Tests


Written by Nokgiir

May 4, 2011 at 11:14 pm

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